Children’s Sermon

Luke 18:1-8

Keep Trying

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Luke 18:1-8
Keep Trying

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects suggested: thimble or pictures of bird nests
CLICK HERE for pictures of bird nests

Have you ever had the opportunity to watch a bird build a nest? Perhaps you have found a nest on the ground or during the winter were able to see a nest in a bare tree. (Ask children to describe what they saw.)

There are many different kinds of bird nests. Hummingbirds build a nest about the size of a thimble. The largest nests are build by golden eagles. These eagles, from year to year, build one nest on top of another and the nests may end up weighing a ton, which is as much as ten large men would weigh.

Various birds build nests shaped like cups or hanging pouches. Twigs, grasses, straw and feathers are used to build these nests. Birds, such as swallows, use mud and make a nest that sticks to a tree or building. Some birds even use sticky spider webs to make their nests stay together. Water birds build nests that float.

Some types of birds can build a nest in a day; others may spend two to three weeks building a nest. If you have been fortunate enough to watch a bird in the process of building a nest you will see that, above all, the bird is persistent. Many, many trips are necessary to find suitable material for building a nest and then fly back with the bits and pieces of twigs or grasses to where the nest is being built. Each piece of straw or beak full of mud must be applied little by little until the nest is complete. Birds don’t give up.

Being persistent is a good trait. When Jesus was on earth he spoke to his disciples and told them “that they must always pray, and not give up” (18:1).

When a task seems large or even impossible we can become discouraged. We may want to quit. We are encouraged, as Jesus encouraged his disciples, to continue to pray “day and night” (18:7). Above all, we need to keep trying and be persistent when we pray.

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