Children’s Sermon

Luke 18:9-14

Measuring Up

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Luke 18:9-14
Measuring Up

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects suggested: Ruler, tape measure, measuring cups and spoons, clock, calendar, thermometer.

Let’s talk about objects we use to measure things. Can you think of some?

If we want to measure the length of a board, a piece of paper or a ribbon we would use a ruler or a tape measure.

When we work in the kitchen we use measuring cups and spoons to measure the correct amount of flour, sugar, milk or salt to put in the mixing bowl.

A clock is used to measure how much time we have before going to bed or leaving for school.

We use a calendar to measure how old we are and how many days there are until our birthday.

Sailors use a depth sounder to measure how deep the water is beneath their boat.

A thermometer measures temperature.

We use a scale to find out how much something weighs.

Measuring things is a practical thing to do and it gives us a lot of information. We even measure ourselves to know how tall we are and how much we weigh. But, in the Bible, Jesus cautions us about measuring ourselves against other people to determine who is best.

Jesus tells a story about two men who went to the temple to pray. One man thought of himself as a righteous, good man because he obeyed all the rules. The other man, a tax collector thought himself such a sinner that he wouldn’t even raise his head and just looked down at the ground.

Sometimes we do the same thing. We can too hard on ourselves and think we do not measure up to others. Or, we judge others and think we are better than them.

Our worth or value, what kind of person we are, can only be measured by God. He is our example and we should leave the measuring to him. God can truly see the goodness in our hearts.

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