Children’s Sermon

Luke 20:27-38

What’s It Like?

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Luke 20:27-38
What’s It Like?

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects suggested: Ice cubes

A world map showing Antarctica is available at:

Antarctica, or as some people call it, the South Pole is a place where most of us will never travel. (Show location on world map.) It is a large continent covered in snow and ice. In fact the land is buried in ice that is as thick as some of our highest skyscrapers. It is the coldest place in the world. Temperatures almost never rise above freezing and have been as cold as 128 degrees below zero, Fahrenheit (minus 89 degrees Celsius). That is very, very cold! Let’s touch these ice cubes to feel how cold ice is.

It is very difficult to travel to Antarctica. Boats trying to get to the South Pole must sail through stormy seas and around huge icebergs. Planes flying to Antarctica must land on ice. If we want to know what it is like at the South Pole we must rely on what others, who have been there, tell us.

When Jesus was on earth some people, called Sadducees, came to Him and asked questions about what it was like in heaven. He told them that those who have died and have gone to be with God “are like angels, and are children of God” (20:36).

We may have many questions about heaven. None of us have been there so we must rely on what we are told my someone who has been there. That person is Jesus. Jesus tells us in the Bible that when he was baptized, the heavens opened and he saw the Spirit of God, in the form of a dove, coming to rest on him. In other parts of the Bible heaven is described as a place where God is, a place of angels, a place where there is no sadness. The descriptions we are given cause us to believe that heaven is a wonderful place. As Jesus told the Sadducees, those who have died and gone to be with God “are like angels, and are children of God.”

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