Children’s Sermon

Luke 21:25-36

Traveling Light

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Luke 21:25-36
Traveling Light

By Traveling Light

Objects suggested: A travel bag. Demonstrate which items are appropriate to pack and include items which may cause the children to giggle if you were to add them to the bag.

Do you like to travel? Do you pack your own bag? If you do, you know that you have to make choices about what goes into your bag. You have to decide what is important to take along and which items you must leave at home.

What happens if you put too much stuff in your travel bag? Yes, you get loaded down. Your bag becomes too heavy and you have trouble getting where you want to go. A heavy bag causes you to feel tired and uncomfortable.

Jesus teaches that we should not become “loaded down with…the cares of this life” (21:34).

“The cares of this life” are the things that cause us to worry. When we see bad things happen or experience difficulties we may become discouraged and our heart may feel heavy. These are the times we need to be especially strong.

As you travel through each day find ways to enjoy the journey. Try to leave those worries behind by seeing the beauty of God’s world and finding things that make you laugh.

Lighten your load by praying to God for wisdom, strength, and endurance. Travel light!

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