Children’s Sermon

Luke 21:5-19

Things that Go Together

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Luke 21:5-19
Things that Go Together

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects suggested: Use some of the items suggested below to add visual impact to the lesson.

Can you think of things that go well together? Here are some ideas:

• A baseball and a bat are needed to play baseball.
Bacon and eggs are a tasty treat for breakfast.
• An umbrella is useful to have in the rain.
Birthday cake and ice cream are a good combination.
Turkey with dressing is served for Thanksgiving dinner.
• A book and a bookmark make a good pair.
Red and green, the colors of Christmas, go well together.

The things we have listed fit together nicely and work well as pairs. They compliment each other.

Now let’s talk about something that goes well with words. The Bible teaches us that wisdom is a good thing to fit together with our words. Wisdom, or being wise, comes from studying and learning many things. Wisdom also comes from God.

We need to use wisdom with words because words are powerful and if we don’t use them well they can hurt other people. Words also have the power to encourage others and cheer them up when they are feeling sad.

Have you ever been at a loss for words? Perhaps you have been so surprised by something that you didn’t know what to say. Or, you may have found yourself in a difficult situation and didn’t know what to say.

Jesus says, “I will give you a mouth (words) and wisdom” (21:15) two things that fit well together, especially during times of trouble. When you are at a loss for words think about listening for God’s words and for the wisdom to use them well.

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