Children’s Sermon

Luke 23:1-49

All Stirred Up

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Luke 23:1-49
All Stirred Up

By Lois Parker Edstrom

A group of people brought Jesus to Pilate, the governor, and told Pilate that
Jesus had been causing trouble. They said he called himself “the Messiah, a king.”

Pilate asked Jesus if this was true and Jesus replied, “You say so.”

The group said, “He stirs up the people, teaching…”

What do you think it meant when they said of Jesus that he “stirs up the people?” When we think of stirring something up we think of stirring cookie dough, or of stirring our soup when it is too hot, or stirring chocolate into milk to make cocoa. When we do that we move things around, don’t we? We mix things together. Nothing stays the same.

You may start with butter, sugar, flour, vanilla, and milk, but after you stir things up you have cookie dough.

When you hear that someone “stirs up the people” it means that Jesus was teaching something that caused the people to be very interested. They heard something new. It made them feel excited. Their lives were changed. Nothing stayed the same.

What do you think Jesus said that “stirred up the people?” He told them that he was sent by God – he was God’s son. He taught them about God’s great love and about forgiveness. He showed them God’s power by healing people and performing miracles.

I think you and I would feel “stirred up” if we had been there to see all of those wonderful acts of love.

The great thing is that we are offered God’s love and forgiveness just as those people were. Our lives can be “stirred up” and changed this very day. His love causes us to want to share that love with others. His love causes us to be thankful for the beauty of his world. His love causes us see things in a new and different way.

Mix God’s love into your life and see what happens.

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