Children’s Sermon

Luke 24:1-12

New Life

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Luke 24:1-12
New Life

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects suggested: Easter eggs.

Pictures of Faberge Eggs are available at:
Fabrege eggs

Easter is the most holy day of our Christian year. We often color Easter eggs and go on Easter egg hunts at this time of year.

Many years ago, the Ruler of Russia (Czar) asked a jeweler to make a special Easter egg for his wife. He wanted an egg that was very beautiful and one that had a surprise inside.

The jeweler, a man named Faberge, made a lovely enameled egg for the Czar’s wife that was painted with wonderful designs and pictures and decorated with gold, silver, and jewels. (Show picture of a Faberge egg.) The first egg he made had a golden yolk and inside the yolk was a golden hen and inside the hen was a tiny diamond crown and hidden inside the crown was a tiny ruby egg.

The Czar’s wife was so pleased with the gift that the jeweler, Faberge, continued to make one Easter egg for the Czar’s wife every year. Most of these eggs have been saved and are in a collection. They are the most famous of all Easter eggs.

Do you know why we decorate eggs to celebrate Easter?

An egg is a symbol of new life. Baby chicks, baby ducks, and other types of birds hatch out of eggs.

Easter is all about new life. Jesus died on the cross and two days later when three women went to his tomb he was not there. Two men in dazzling white clothes, probably angels, told them that Jesus was no longer dead. He was alive and was going to heaven to be with God.

Because Jesus died on the cross and then arose to be with God, each one of us is given new life. Easter eggs remind us of the new life that is possible when we choose to accept and celebrate God’s love.

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