Children’s Sermon

Luke 24:13-25

On the Road to Emmaus

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Luke 24:13-25
On the Road to Emmaus

By Dell Smith Klein

Have you ever been so discouraged you wanted to just go home and not talk to anyone? (Give children an opportunity to respond.) Maybe your team lost, and you didn’t want to go out for burgers and sodas with the team, you just wanted to go home.

Our Bible story today is about two people who were friends of Jesus.After Jesus’ crucifixion, Cleopas and the other traveler left Jerusalem and headed down the road to the village of Emmaus. They were walking along the road talking about all they had seen and heard while in Jerusalem.

Another man joined their walk. He said, “What are you talking about as you walk, and are sad?” (Verse 16) Cleopas said, “Are you the only stranger in Jerusalem who doesn’t know the things which have happened?” (Verse 18)

The man questioned them and they told the whole story. They talked about how Jesus had been turned over to the authorities. They talked about how the religious leaders and the rulers said he had to die. They explained that Jesus was crucified, placed in a tomb, and that on Sunday morning the tomb was empty. They even told their fellow traveler that the women who visited the tomb claimed that Jesus was alive.

It was then that the man who had joined them began to talk. He talked about Moses and the Prophets. He talked about how the scriptures pointed to Jesus himself. Who was this man who was talking to them? (Let the children respond.) Yes. The man was Jesus, but they didn’t recognize him! So, they walked on.

When they arrived in Emmaus, the two asked their fellow traveler to stay with them because it was getting late. So, the man sat down at the table with them. He blessed the bread and broke it and at that instant, they realized that the person with them was Jesus. But Jesus didn’t stay there. Immediately he left them.

They talked for a little while about how their hearts burned as he opened the Scriptures to them. Then they did something amazing. They got up from supper, and started walking back down the road to Jerusalem.

As soon as they arrived in Jerusalem, they found the disciples and they told them, “The Lord is risen indeed.” (verse 34) They told the disciples the wonderful story of their trip to Emmaus and of the man who walked along with them, and how he had at last revealed himself to them as he blessed and broke the bread at the meal.

Their sadness and discouragement had turned into joy. What was the message they had for the disciples? (Let the children respond.) Yes, they told the disciples, “The Lord is risen indeed.”


Thank you, God, for opening the eyes of the two people at Emmaus. Though they had been sad, their sadness turned to joy when they realized that Jesus was alive. We hear the words, “He is risen, indeed,” and know that is a true statement. Thank you. Amen.

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