Children’s Sermon

Matthew 25:14-30

Making the Most of God’s Gifts

By Dr. Dan Wuori

If you’ve been watching the trees you know that fall is here. As the weather starts to get colder the trees get ready for winter by dropping their leaves – and in the case of some trees, dropping their seeds all over the ground.

I have a special tree in my yard that’s sort of a favorite – and so I have mixed feelings this time of year. I love to watch the leaves turn colors, but I hate to see them all drop off. But as for the seeds, I’m always glad to see them fall. Do you know why? (What happens when a plant’s seeds get scattered?)

That’s right! Every year when my favorite tree drops its seeds it helps to make new trees. And so what started as one tree in my yard has become four! Every year we seem to have more. What a waste it would be if that tree never dropped its seeds.

In today’s gospel lesson Jesus tells the story that’s not so different. It’s about a man who gives money to three of his servants. Two of them went out and used that money to buy and trade things and ended up making even more money (kind of like my tree used its seeds to make more trees). But the third was so worried about losing the money he was given that he went and buried it to keep it safe. He didn’t lose any of the money – but he also wasn’t able to use it to make any more.

Like many of Jesus’ stories, he tells this one to help teach us a lesson: God doesn’t want us to hide our gifts and blessings. Instead he wants us to use them to spread his love and his message in the world. When we do, we help inspire others to do the same. It’s like we’re planting seeds that keep growing more and more of God’s works in the world.

Will you work on planting God’s seeds by spreading your kindness and love this week?

Good! Let’s pray.

Dear God,
We know that you don’t want us to hide our light from the world. Help and guide us this week as we work to spread your love to others.

Copyright 2008, Dan Wuori. Used by permission.