Children’s Sermon

Mark 13:24-37


By Richard Niell Donovan


A piece of blank paper for each child. If your custom is to keep them in church for the rest of the service, you might give them a pencil or crayon to draw a picture.


This is a special season of the year. We call it Fall, because this is the time of year when the leaves fall from the trees. Fall is a beautiful time, because many leaves turn colors before they “fall” to the ground. Did anyone here notice leaves turning color this Fall? What were some of the colors that you saw? (Red, yellow, orange).

For the next few months, most of the trees won’t have any leaves. We’ll miss the leaves, won’t we! Trees are so pretty when they have leaves on their branches.

But in a few months, trees will start to grow new leaves. At first, those leaves will be small––hard to see. You will need to watch carefully or you won’t see them. But then the leaves will get larger––and larger. By summertime the trees will be full of leaves.

But the little tiny leaves tell us something. They tell us that springtime is coming. It’s on the way.

We need to get ready for springtime. It often rains during the springtime, so we need to get raincoats or umbrellas. Grass grows rapidly during springtime, so your dads and moms need to have their lawnmowers ready.

Jesus has promised that he will come again. That will be a great day. Won’t it be nice to see Jesus face to face! Won’t it be nice to hear him tell us how he loves us!

(Hand out sheets of paper––and pencils or crayons if needed)

Today I want you to think about how you will greet Jesus when he comes again. Will you hold your arms wide open to show him that you are excited to welcome him? Will you say, “Welcome back, Jesus”? Will you say, “I love you, Jesus”?

When you get home, take this piece of paper and draw a picture––a picture of yourself welcoming Jesus.

Copyright 2011, Richard Niell Donovan