Children’s Sermon

Genesis 15:1-6

My Shield and Comfort

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Genesis 15:1-6

My Shield and Comfort

By Lois Parker Edstrom

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Perhaps you’ve read stories about knights. In these stories knights are often described as brave men who save ladies in distress or fight to keep the bad guys away.

Ages and ages ago there actually were knights. They served the king. They went into battle to uphold the ideas and values of faith, loyalty, honor and courage. Do you have an idea of what they looked like? Yes, they usually wore a suit of armor, a helmet and carried a sword and a shield.

Here is a photograph taken of a statue of a knight. You can see it has been placed high on the top of a building which looks like it might be a church. It was the duty of some knights to defend the Christian faith.

Take a closer look at the shield because that is what today’s lesson is about. These shields could be made of leather, wood, bronze or other metals and they were formed into many shapes. The shields were decorated in a way that allowed the knight to be recognized when his face was covered by a helmet. The shield was very important to the knight because it was his protection. It sheltered him from the swords of his enemies.

The Bible tells us that Abram had a vision (dream) from the Lord and it frightened him, as dreams sometimes do. The Lord God said to Abram, “‘Don’t be afraid, Abram. I am your shield…'” (15:1).

What a wonderful idea to think of God as being our shield. His love is like that – it protects us when we are afraid. We are able to hold onto God’s love and feel comforted.

We can think of being decorated with God’s love in the way a knight’s shield is decorated with his king’s design. When we live with God’s love others are able to recognize us as Christians.

God says, “don’t be afraid…I am your shield.”

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