Children’s Sermon

Matthew 28:1-10

One after Another

By Richard Niell Donovan

Object: Box of Kleenex tissues (If you choose another brand, make sure that another tissue pops up out of the box each time you take one.)

Today is Easter Sunday. It’s a day that we celebrate. See, there are lots of flowers here in the sanctuary. That’s part of our celebration. There are lots of people here today too. They came to celebrate with us. Can anyone tell me what we are celebrating at Easter?

(When you ask children a question like this, be sure to be on your toes. You might get some “off the wall” answers. Don’t say, “No, that isn’t it.” Be low-key affirming to the “off the wall” answers––”Yes, the Easter bunny is nice.” If one of the children gives an answer that is close to the Easter story, be especially affirming––and then use that answer to launch into the rest of the children’s sermon.)

On Easter, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus––who died, but who came back to life. He promises us that, when we die, we can come back to life again too––and live with him in heaven.

I brought along a box of tissues to help you remember that. I’ll pull one tissue out of the box, and that stands for Jesus coming back to life. Then each one of you can pull one tissue out of the box and take it with you. That tissue will remind you that, just as Jesus came back to life, so will you––because you believe in Jesus.

Scripture quotations from the World English Bible.

Copyright 2013, Richard Niell Donovan