Children’s Sermon

Luke 15:1-10

One Person Matters

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Luke 15:1-10
One Person Matters

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Object suggested: Jigsaw puzzle (Lesson may be presented without a puzzle if one is not available.)

Have you ever been ready to go out the door on the way to school and at the last minute, not been able to find your shoes? How about going to baseball practice and not being able to find your cap? Or, a music lesson and you can’t find your music? When something you need is lost, it can be a very frustrating experience.

Have you ever worked for several hours or days to put a jigsaw puzzle together and then, at the end, find that one miss is missing? Perhaps the puzzle is one hundred, five hundred or a thousand pieces. That is a lot of work. The design is complete except for the missing piece. At that point you do not think so much about the pieces you have – you just want to find the missing piece.

In the Bible Jesus tells us how important it is to find lost people. He illustrates this by telling two stories. In the first story he says, “Which of you men, if you had one hundred sheep, and lost one of them, wouldn’t leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness, and go after the one that was lost, until he found it?” (15:4).

The second story is about a woman who had ten silver coins and lost one. She lighted a lamp, swept the house and searched carefully until she found the one coin. In both stories there was much joy when the lost sheep and the silver coin were found.

The Church is made up of people who acknowledge their need for God. When a person realizes that they need God and asks to join His kingdom it is as if that person has been found. When that happens, the Bible tells us that, “there is joy in the presence of the angels of God…” (15:10).

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