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Philippians 2:1-13


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Philippians 2:1-13


By Lois Parker Edstrom

The film from which this story came is available for viewing at:

Some of you may have seen this remarkable story, “Animal Odd Couples” on Public Television. It is a story about an old goat and a horse. The horse became blind and somehow the goat realized that the horse could not see. The goat stayed near the horse and acted as a guide to help the horse find its way around.

Each day the goat would lead the horse through the woods, out into a favorite pasture where they liked to spend time. One day a storm came and blew some trees and bushes around the horse so that the horse was stuck and couldn’t get out. The goat trotted back to the house, roused the people and lead them back to where the horse was stranded so they could help the horse get out.

The old goat took care of the blind horse for sixteen years!

Animals can teach us much about love and devotion. We need to take good care of ourselves, but we must also think of others. The Bible reminds us not to just look to our own concerns, “but each of you also to the things of others” (2:4).

This is a lesson about friendship. It’s good to have friends and to be a good friend. To be the best friend we must remember to think about what our friends might need. Friendship is about being together and sharing. It is about long-lasting love and devotion.

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