Children’s Sermon

Philippians 3:4b-14

A High Calling

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Philippians 3:4b-14

A High Calling

Suggestions: Knitted items, or ask a knitter to demonstrate while you present the lesson that part of the lesson.

Have you ever tried to learn something new and found it difficult? How about when you were quite young and were learning to tie your shoes? That is a difficult task for tiny hands. I can imagine that you had to try over and over again to tie a strong bow that wouldn’t slip.

Can you share some of your experiences when you tried to learn to do something new? Did you become discouraged?

As an adult I wanted to learn how to knit. I had to learn how to put stitches on the needles, how to read directions, and how to make those directions become a knitted hat or scarf or sweater. Sometimes I would make a mistake and end up with a hole in my knitting where none should be.

In the Bible the apostle, Paul talks about learning how to become a good Christian. He found it difficult and said he was not “perfect,” but he “pressed on” (3:12).

He gives advice and says to “forget… the things which are behind, and stretch… forward to the things which are before.” (3:13).

To learn something new we need to learn from our mistakes, then leave them behind, and keep trying to improve and move ahead. Whether it is learning to tie your shoes, learning to knit, learning how to spell new words, learning how to be kind, learning how to throw a ball, or learning to jump rope, be positive and keep working toward your goal.

Not one of us is perfect. We are all trying to be the people God intends for us to be. The Bible reminds us that this is a “high calling” (3:14).

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