Children’s Sermon

John 4:5-42

Planting Seeds of God’s Love

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John 4:5-42

Planting Seeds of God’s Love

By Lois Parker Edstrom



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We learn from the Bible about the importance of spreading God’s love to others. Jesus said it was like planting seeds. He said, “One sows, and another reaps” (4:37). By saying this he teaches that one person can plant seeds and another person can benefit from what grows out of those seeds. (Demonstrate what it means to sow seeds.)

Let’s say that you decided to plant lettuce seeds and they grew into beautiful green leaves of lettuce. Then, your friends and neighbors came, picked the lettuce and used it to make salad for their dinners. You sowed the seeds and later your friends and neighbors reaped the benefits of what grew out of those seeds.

Spreading God’s love is just like planting seeds. That love grows in others and they benefit from what is produced by those seeds of love – kindness, caring, joy; the list could go on and on.

Albert Schweitzer is a good example of a man who dedicated his life to planting seeds of God’s love. He was a minister, a musician, a doctor, and an author, but mostly he is known for building a hospital in Africa where he spent many years of his life as a medical missionary.

While he was alive he cared for thousands and thousands of people. His work goes on today in many countries through others who have had the seeds of God’s love grow in them.

You and I, each one of us, can plant seeds today that others will benefit from now and in the future. We can plant the seeds of God’s love. “One sows, and another reaps.”

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