Children’s Sermon

Psalm 27

Lit with Love

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Psalm 27
Lit with Love

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects suggested: A kerosene lamp, if available. Candles. A light bulb.

There was a young boy who lived a long time ago and he went to school, but he received most of his education at home. He loved science (chemistry and electronics) so his mother gave him those types of books which interested him. He read a lot and he also had a laboratory in the basement where he did experiments.

He continued to study and experiment and he became an inventor. In his lifetime he is credited with more than one thousand inventions. His name is Thomas Edison and he is best known for his work with electric light bulbs.

Before that time, houses were lit by candles or kerosene lamps. Can you imagine how surprised people must have been to be able to flip a switch and have lights come on in their homes?

The reason light is so important is simple: We can’t see in the dark. We bump into things, we trip, and we can’t find our way.

One of the writers of the Bible (David) says, “Yahweh (God) is my light” (27:1).

As we study the Bible and pray, God’s Spirit lights our way. We find direction for our lives. We see what is right and are able to make good choices. With God as our light, our lives are lit with love.

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