Children’s Sermon

John 11:1-45

Reading Signs

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John 11:1-45
Reading Signs

By Lois Parker Edstrom

OBJECTS SUGGESTED: A road sign or pictures of road signs.

Pictures of road signs are available at:

When you ride in the car with your mother or father do you look at road signs along the way? What do you see? Let’s list different types of signs you might spot.

A stop sign

A school crossing sign

A sign pointing the way to a hospital

A sign advertising a business

A railroad crossing sign

A sign is a message, illustrated with words, a picture, or a symbol, that points or directs us to something else. The hospital sign lets us know a hospital is near. A school crossing sign cautions us to go slow; school children may be crossing the street. A stop sign signals that there may be heavy traffic on a street we are approaching and we should prepare to stop. When we see a railroad sign we look for a train.

When Jesus lived on earth he used signs to point us to God. He performed miracles and each one of these miracles was a sign that caused people to believe that God was near. Jesus calmed the Sea of Galilee during a storm. He walked on water. He healed the sick and caused a blind man to see. He fed five thousand people when only a small amount of food was available.

One of the most amazing miracles happened when he caused a man, named Lazarus, who had died, to live again. Jesus told people that the miracle was performed “for the glory of God, that God’s Son may be glorified by it” (11:4).

When you see road signs, remember that there are also signs in the Bible giving us directions which point to God.

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