Children’s Sermon

Romans 14:1-12

Choices Made in Peace

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Romans 14:1-12
Choices Made in Peace

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Suggestions: Play tug-a-war if appropriate to your setting and situation.

Tug of war is a game that was first played hundred of years ago and it is still a sport enjoyed in many parts of the world. At one time a tug of war competition was part of the Olympic Games.

It is a good game to play at a family reunion or other events where several people are gathered together. You need a long, strong rope. Then the people divide into two teams with the same number of people on each team.

A line is marked on the ground and the purpose of the game is to pull the opposite team over that line. The two teams move back and forth as each team pulls in opposite directions. The team that causes the other team to step over the line is the winner.

Playing tug of war reminds me of what it is like when two people argue. In an argument each person thinks they are right and they try to get the other person to come over to their side and agree with them.

Arguments often happen when we are angry. Perhaps someone did or said something hurtful. The argument goes back and forth and, now and then, cruel things are said to one another.

The Bible asks us this question: “…why do you judge your brother?” (14:10) and reminds us that “each one of us will give account of himself to God” (14:12).

When you are angry it may be helpful to remember that we are all accountable to God.

Instead of fretting about the actions of another person, we should try to make good choices for our own behavior. Choices made in love and peace honor God.

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