Children’s Sermon

Romans 5:1-11

The Right Fit

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Romans 5:1-11
The Right Fit

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Object Suggested: Two pieces of wood. Nuts and bolts of various sizes to illustrate the lesson, as suggested in the text below.

Have you ever had a chance to watch someone build something using nuts and bolts? Perhaps you have had the opportunity to work with nuts and bolts yourself. Nut and bolts hold or bond things together. As you can see, the bolt is threaded or screwed into the nut. If you want to hold two pieces of wood together you drill a hole through the wood, place the bolt through the hole and screw it into the nut. When the two are tightened the wood is quite secure. (Demonstrate the process.)

What happens if the bolt is too large? Yes, it does not fit into the nut. What if the bolt is too small? Yes, it fits into the nut, but the two do not hold together. (Demonstrate the idea.)

Many nuts and bolts are used to make cars. It is important that those nuts and bolts be exactly the right size so the car works well and is safe. When we talk about bonding something together using nuts and bolts there are very exact requirements for their use.

In the Bible we learn about being bonded to God and we find that there are no requirements other than accepting God’s love. God does not require that we be a certain shape or size or know how to do special things. We are loved for who we are, just the way we are, and nothing more is expected. The Bible tells us that “God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us” (5:5).

We fit, just the way we are, into God’s plan.

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