Children’s Sermon

Romans 8:6-11

Unseen World

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Romans 8:6-11
Unseen World

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects suggested: Pictures of fish:

The lesson could be enhanced by a member or friend of the church who is a scuba diver and would be willing to share pictures or accounts of what is seen underwater.

Scuba divers explore an underwater world that is hidden from our eyes. Strange and beautiful creatures live in the water of our oceans. Brightly colored tropical fish in colors of blue, yellow, orange, purple, red, green, and yellow swim in coral reefs that look like bright undersea gardens.

Deep in the ocean are fish that produce their own light. Some have lights along their bellies and tails that glow in the dark. Others have lights in their mouths. One fish, called the angler fish has a fin like a fishing pole with a light on the end of it.

Strange creatures such as an octopus with eight long arms, a sea slug that looks like a piece of lettuce, sponges as big as a bath tub, jellyfish, sea horses, and star fish all live in the water beyond our view.

All of us are a part of a world, the spiritual world, that it not seen, but is very real. The spiritual world is within us where our thoughts and feelings are. It is the part of us that is connected to God. The Bible tells us that “…the Spirit of God dwells in you” (8:9).

The spiritual world is a strange and beautiful place. We know it is there because we can feel it. It is where we go when we pray to God. It is where we are when we feel peaceful. It is the place that gives us life. Explore and learn more about the Spirit that dwells in you.

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