Children’s Sermon

Romans 9:1-5

Remember Who You Are

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Romans 9:1-5
Remember Who You Are

By Lois Parker Edstrom

If you have ever wanted to be a friend to someone and that person did not want your friendship, you can imagine how hurt you might feel. You would feel rejected. Rejection is a word that means someone refuses to take or use something that is offered to them. An example would be if you offered a piece of candy to your cousin and the cousin said, “No thanks, I don’t like licorice.”

The thing to remember about rejection is that it isn’t about the quality of what is being offered; it is about what the recipient chooses to accept. You may offer licorice to another cousin and that cousin may say, “Thank you, licorice is my favorite kind of candy. Do you have more?”

We learn about how the Apostle Paul felt about rejection when we read one of his letters. He says, “… I have great sorrow and unceasing pain in my heart” (9:2). The reason he feels this way is that some of his people have rejected Christ.

When Christ is rejected, He is still the Messiah – God who is willing and able to give his love to each one of us. When Christ is rejected, it is a choice individual people make. They refuse to take or use God’s love.

Remember this, also, if you are ever hurt by being rejected. It has nothing to do with the quality of who you are. Remember that you are God’s child – you are loved by God and you have the love of God within you. That is of great value.

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