Children’s Sermon

John 12:20-33

Service: A Godly Honor

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John 12:20-33

Service: A Godly Honor

By Lois Parker Edstrom

If you know of a well behaved dog and are so inclined, have the dog available for this lesson. A guide dog would be especially meaningful.Good luck!

Do any of you have a dog? Dogs make great pets because they want to make you happy and they are so loyal.

In addition to being a good friend, dogs like to be of service. You may have seen a guide dog helping a blind person get to their destination.

Dogs have the ability to smell things that we can’t so they are also used in search and rescue, helping to find persons who are lost.

People in wheelchairs use dogs to help them with their daily tasks. Dogs are trained to get things for their owners and also learn to retrieve items such as keys or a wallet that may have dropped to the floor.

One dog named Merlin was honored as “Service Dog of the Year” for his work with a man and woman who both lacked strength and had trouble walking. Merlin made their lives much easier by, “turning on the lights, bringing a telephone, opening the refrigerator,” and helping them go places they couldn’t manage on their own.

Dogs like nothing better than to be with their special person and do useful work. These stories about dogs and the work they do may cause us to think about the importance of being of service – to God and to others.

Jesus said, “If anyone serves me, the Father will honor him” (12:26).

What a wonderful award, to be honored by God, for the help and service we give to others.

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