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John 2:1-11


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John 2:1-11


By Lois Parker Edstrom

How can you tell when it is time for things in the garden to begin to blossom and grow? Yes, the weather becomes warmer. The sun shines more. Birds sing. You will see small green shoots coming out of the earth and buds forming on flowers and trees. These are signs that spring is coming and the earth is waking up; plants are getting ready to blossom and grow.

Now another question: how can you tell if someone is happy or sad? Yes, you look at a person’s face to see if there is a smile or a frown. You listen to what the person says and the way the words are said. Sometimes you can even tell how a person is feeling by noticing their posture and the way they move. Are they full of energy or tired? These are signs that help us know what another person may be feeling.

We see signs in nature and signs in other people that help us understand what is happening and what might happen in the future.

The Bible gives us signs that help us understand who Jesus is. One story tells us about a miracle Jesus performed at a wedding. (At that time, in many parts of the world, water was not clean enough to drink so people drank wine.) Jesus’ mother came to him and told him there was not enough wine to serve the guests. Jesus asked that six large stone jars be filled with water and then asked that some be drawn out. The water in the stone jars had been turned into wine.

This was the first of the miracles Jesus performed and he did this as a sign that he was the Son of God. The Bible tells us that when the disciples saw what he had done they “believed in him” (2:11).

Look around at the beautiful things in nature and the love that comes from others and see what signs you find that point to God. Then, believe.

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