Children’s Sermon

Matthew 14:22-43

Stepping Out of the Boat

By Dr. Dan Wuori

Have you ever had to try something hard…maybe something you were a little afraid to do at first?

For my seventh birthday I got a brand new bicycle that I wanted to ride so badly. But I was also a little bit nervous. I’d never been on a two-wheeler and I was afraid of falling off and getting hurt.

Luckily for me, my father was there to help. As I was learning he’d walk alongside as I pedaled, holding on so that I wouldn’t fall – and then letting me go just a little bit at a time. When he really thought I was ready he’d let go altogether.

Now the first few times he let go I got so nervous that I did start to fall – but he was always there to catch me. And with just a little bit of practice I could ride like a champ!

This week’s gospel story tells us about one of Jesus’ most famous miracles. Jesus’ disciples are on a boat on the sea and they’re starting to get a little nervous because the waves are getting higher and higher. Just then they look out and see Jesus walking toward them on top of the water!

They can hardly believe such an amazing thing – in fact they think maybe it’s a ghost! Jesus can see that they are afraid and tells them not to worry. Peter wants to know for sure, so he asks Jesus to help him to walk on the water too. (Would you be afraid to try? I think I might.)

Peter steps out of the boat – and can you guess what happens? He begins walking toward Jesus!

But – just like my first tries on the bike – when he sees that he’s really doing it he gets nervous and starts to sink! And just like my dad was, Jesus is there to catch him.

Now we can’t walk on water, can we? (It would be very dangerous to try, wouldn’t it?) But today’s gospel lesson helps us to understand that when we are asked to do hard things in our lives that God will be there watching and supporting us. And that’s a great thing to know.

Will you pray with me?

Dear God,

Sometimes we are asked to step out and take a chance. Thank you for supporting as we face difficult times and try new things.


Copyright 2008, Dan Wuori. Used by permission.