Children’s Sermon

Matthew 7:21-29

Stronger than Bricks

By Dr. Dan Wuori

How many of you know the story of The Three Little Pigs? Do you remember the different ways the pigs built their houses?

The first pig made his house of straw. The second used sticks and the third little pig built his house out of bricks. Now, whose was the strongest?

That’s right! Only the third little pig’s house was strong enough to protect him. The others got blown right down.

In today’s Gospel story, Jesus tells a similar story. He tells us about two different kinds of people. The first group has a chance to hear God’s words, but they don’t really listen. The other group not only listens to them, but uses them to help them lead good lives following God’s commandments.

Which group do you think Jesus tells us is stronger? Who has “the house made of bricks?”

You’re right – it’s the second.

Jesus tells us this story because he wants us to be that strong – and he wants us to know that doing God’s work is more than just coming to church or saying our prayers.

Instead he wants us to listen to God’s words, to think about their meaning, and then to show that we understand them through the ways that we act and the things we do. You see, Jesus’ words are directions. He wants us to be just like him – and he promises that if we follow his example then nothing will be able to blow us down. (Not even a Big Bad Wolf!)

Will you pray with me?

Dear God,

We hear your words. Help us to act upon them every day so that we can be stronger than bricks.


Copyright 2008, Dan Wuori. Used by permission.