Children’s Sermon

John 17:6-19

Tag, You’re It!

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John 17:6-19

Tag, You’re It!

By Lois Parker Edstrom

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Have you ever played tag? One person, from a group of kids, is picked to be “it.” The other kids run away from the person who is “it” trying not to get caught. When the person who is “it” is able to catch and touch (tag) another player, then that person becomes “it.”

A relay race is a race in which team members tag each other with a baton. The first runner starts the race, running as fast as he or she can. At a certain mark on the race track, the first runner passes a baton or tags the next runner, who runs until it is time to pass the baton or tag the next team member. This continues until a runner from one of the teams reaches the finish line.

You may have seen a similar thing happen at the start of the Olympic games. A torch is held high above the head of a runner. The torch is passed from runner to runner as it travels through the towns and villages of the country in which the Olympic games are held.

Before Jesus returned to be with God he spoke with God, in the form of a prayer, and said,“As you sent me into the world, even so I have sent them into the world” (17:18).
Jesus is speaking about his disciples and all of us who want to follow him and learn about his teachings. Jesus prays to God in this way: I came into the world to tell others about your love and now my disciples must carry on.

We are disciples of Jesus. We are asked to touch others with God’s love; to pass on the baton and the torch of love. Tag, you’re it!

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