Children’s Sermon

John 1: 43-51

Telling a Friend

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John 1: 43-51
Telling a Friend

By Richard Niell Donovan

When something really nice happens to you, don’t you enjoy telling someone about it? Maybe you see a good show on television––or manage to throw the basketball through the hoop––or the teacher tells you that you drew a really good picture. When something like that happens, don’t you like to tell someone––maybe your mother––maybe your father––maybe a friend!

When you get a chance to tell someone about something good that happened to you, it doubles the pleasure doesn’t it! It’s almost like experiencing the good thing one more time.

In our scripture story today, a man named Philip found Jesus. He not only got acquainted with Jesus, but he also realized that Jesus was the Savior that they had hoped to see for such a long time.

When Philip realized that he had found the Savior, he wanted to tell someone. He told a friend whose name was Nathanael. He said, “Come and see!” “Come and see the Savior!” Nathanael did that. He came to see Jesus––and he came to love Jesus too.

When you come to church or Sunday school, you will probably find some things that you enjoy. You might enjoy the songs we sing. You might enjoy the stories that you hear––stories from the Bible. You might enjoy coloring pictures or making something for your parents.

When you enjoy something like that, you might want to mention it to a friend. If you enjoy the singing––or the stories––or the pictures––they might enjoy them as well. And if they come to Sunday school, we’ll enjoy having them there too.

Copyright 2011, Richard Niell Donovan