Children’s Sermon

Matthew 5:1-12

The Beatitudes

By Dan Wuori

Did you know that Tuesday is a very special day? It’s Election Day – and not just any election day, because for the first time in eight years we’re going to have a new president to lead our country.

You might have seen that there is a lot on TV about the election. This is a time that the people who would like to be our leaders make a lot of speeches about how things will be different if we elect them to be in charge.

And it’s a funny that that’s happening in our lives this week – because Jesus makes a very similar speech in our gospel reading this week. It might be his most famous speech – it’s called The Sermon on the Mount – and in it Jesus tells the disciples how the kingdom of heaven will be different from what we know on Earth.

There’s a very special section of this sermon called the Beatitudes. Can you say that? (Beatitudes) The name Beatitudes comes from a Latin word, beatus – which means “blessed” or “happy” – and in the Beatitudes Jesus tells us who will be happy and blessed in heaven.

But you might be surprised by some of what he says. In our world we think a lot about being happy and rich and strong – and sometimes even people who do all the wrong things can be rewarded in these ways.

Jesus tells us that in God’s kingdom things will be different. He tells us that blessed are the poor and the sad and the hungry.Those don’t sound like things we try to be on purpose here, does it? But Jesus tells us that God will take care of these people – both because he will – and to remind us of our job to help others in need.

There are eight Beatitudes – eight different groups that are blessed by God – in today’s lesson. Will you listen carefully and see if you can count each of the groups that Jesus mentions?

Let’s pray.

Dear God,

We thank you for the blessings you provide us here on Earth. Help us to be mindful of the needs of all your children – especially the poor, the sad and the hungry.


Copyright 2008, Dan Wuori. Used by permission.