Children’s Sermon

John 15:9-17

The “Look” of Love

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John 15:9-17

The “Look” of Love

By Dr. Dan Wuori

I wanted to talk to you this week about love. We hear that word a lot, but don’t always spend a lot of time talking about it – and that’s not surprising, because love isn’t just something we say, it’s something we show.

So what does love look like? How might we tell that you love someone – or that someone loves you – from just watching? (Solicit children’s answers.)

Wow…you sure do know how to show your love. And you’re right! Love is a special kind of caring and kindness – and those are all terrific ways to show it.

This week’s gospel lesson is about love. Jesus tells us that of all his commandments that “loving one another” is the most important.

And isn’t that interesting? When we think of the people we love, we probably think of certain people: our families and special friends. But Jesus reminds us of something important. He doesn’t just say “pick a few important people to love.” He tells us to “love one another.” He wants us to show our love to everyone – and treat everyone with special care and kindness.

And that’s not all! He not only wants us to love one another – but to love one another in the same way that he showed his love to us. That’s a lot of love isn’t it?

So this week I’m going to give you a challenge. I want you to think carefully about the ways that you might show your love for others and see how many times you can show it. I think you’ll be surprised.

Can we pray?

Dear God,

You showed us your love by sending your son, Jesus. Help us to live in his example, by showing our love to others this week – and always.


Copyright 2009, Dr. Dan Wuori. Used by permission.