Children’s Sermon

John 13: 33-35

The New Commandment

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John 13: 33-35

The New Commandment

By Dr. Dan Wuori

Today is a special day. We call it Maundy Thursday and it is the day we remember the Last Supper – which was the last meal that Jesus shared with the disciples before he died.

During the Last Supper Jesus shared bread and wine with the disciples – and he spoke the words that we repeat each week at communion. He also did something that surprised some of the disciples. He washed their feet.

Does that seem like a funny thing to do? Before we have supper we wash our hands, but not usually our feet!

During that time many people wore sandals, and – because there were no cars or busses, people mostly walked from place to place. So washing your feet wasn’t unusual, and when people had guests visit their homes they often washed their feet – or even had a servant whose job this was – as a way of showing their respect and friendship.

Now one of Jesus’ disciples – Peter – was very surprised that Jesus planned to do this for him. Jesus was Peter’s teacher, and he didn’t think it was right for such a great man, the Son of God, to be doing such a thing. Not for a person like him! He told Jesus he would never let him wash his dirty feet.

But Jesus used the chance to set an important example: that we should never act as though we are better than others. Even Jesus was not too great to show love and kindness – and respect – to others. And at the end of the Gospel story he tells the disciples exactly what they can do to let the world know that they are his followers. Can you guess what that is?

Jesus tells them to love one another. To love one another in exactly the same way that he has loved them.

That might be Jesus’ most important lesson to remember. Show love.

Will you show love this week? Show love to your parents – and to your brothers and sisters. Show love to your friends and your neighbors – and even to people you’ve never met. That’s the way to show the world that you’ve got the spirit of Jesus in your heart.

Will you pray with me?

Dear God,

Help us to follow the example of Jesus. Let us be loving, kind, and respectful to those that we meet. Just as you have loved us, help us to love one another.


Copyright 2008, Dan Wuori. Used by permission.