Children’s Sermon

John 15:9-17

The Place Where You Live

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John 15:9-17

The Place Where You Live

Lois Parker Edstrom

See a picture of an igloo

See a picture of a house made of grasses

People live in all kinds of houses. In the northern regions of the world people once lived in houses made of ice. In other parts of the world people live in houses made of grass. (Show pictures.) In areas where it is warm, people live in houses that don’t have windows or doors. Other people live in houses that are built in trees and still others are quite comfortable using a tent as a house.

You may live in a house; large or small, an apartment in the city, or in a mobile home.

Whatever type of house, the important thing is that you feel “at home.” Your home is the place where you feel happy, loved, safe and protected.

In the Bible Jesus says, “Remain in my love” (15:9). Your home is the place where you dwell or live. In other words Jesus says, “Live and stay in my love.” Isn’t that an interesting idea?

Imagine God’s love as a place where you live – where you can go when you feel frightened or unloved – a place where you can pray, say thanks, or ask for help. God’s love is like a house that shelters you and makes you feel loved and protected.

As we enjoy our own homes it is good to think about that other place where we can live in God’s love – be surrounded by God’s love.

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