Children’s Sermon

Luke 14:25-33

Think about It First

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Luke 14:25-33
Think about It First

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Suggestion: Include a well-behaved pet in the lesson if situation permits. (Consider that some individuals may have allergies to cats, etc.)

Let’s talk about pets. A pet can be a wonderful addition to a family. There are many kinds of pets: dogs, cats, horses, goats, birds, rabbits, and fish. Do you have a pet?

There are children who don’t have a pet and may want one. Those of you who are pet owners know that animals require care. Before you bring an animal into your home you must think about what is required. You want to be a responsible pet owner.

Everyday you must be willing to provide healthy food and fresh drinking water for your pet. You need to see that your animal gets enough exercise and has a comfortable place to rest. (Some pets will want a lot of play time.) Occasionally it is necessary to take your animal to a veterinarian to make sure he/she stays healthy. Some pets need to be brushed and bathed regularly.

Having a pet requires that you be trustworthy – willing to do what is necessary to make sure your pet has what it needs. Be responsible and think about these things – consider the cost.

Jesus talks about responsibility. He says, “Whoever doesn’t bear his own cross, and come after me, can’t be my disciple” (14:27). In saying this he means that when you decide to accept God’s love and be a follower of Jesus you must think about what is required – consider the cost. You must be willing to do what is necessary to make sure you are putting God first in your life.

Be a responsible Christian – be willing everyday to serve God and serve others with God’s love.

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