Children’s Sermon

John 6:35, 41-51

We Need It

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John 6:35, 41-51

We Need It

By Lois Parker Edstrom


Various types of bread as suggested below.

Bread is common to people who live in all parts of the world. It may be in different shapes and forms, but people everywhere eat bread. It is a basic type of food that nourishes our bodies.

Bread can also nourish our souls. Have you ever had the wonderful experience of smelling fresh bread – that delicious fragrance that comes from bakeries or perhaps from bread or muffins baking in your own oven? Isn’t it heavenly?

In the UnitedStates we are most familiar with a loaf of bread that looks like this. In other parts of the world bread may be in different shapes and sizes.

Here is bread that is common in the Middle East and in the Mediterranean region. It is called pita bread. See, it has a pocket that can be used to scoop up other foods.

In Mexico this flat bread is called a tortilla. It can be used to hold other parts of the meal such as beans, rice, meat, and cheese.

People in England and Canada enjoy crumpets with their tea. A crumpet looks like this.

The famous bread of Ireland is Irish Soda Bread.

Scandinavians make lefse, a thin, disk-shaped bread that contains mashed potatoes and is cooked on a griddle.

In parts of East Africa people eat chapati, a flat bread that may be used to dip into a pot of stew.

A bread common in France is a baguette. It is long and skinny.

We could go on talking about many other types of bread, but by looking at the wide variety of breads gathered here today perhaps we realize that bread is important to people everywhere. We need it. It is vital to our health and well being.

Jesus said, “Most certainly, I tell you, he who believes in me has eternal life” (6:47). “I am the bread of life” (6:48). He describes himself as bread because he is vital to our well being. We need him. As believers we are given eternal life – life that never ends. Jesus, the bread of life, nourishes us by supplying us with God’s love.

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Copyright 2007, Richard Niell Donovan