Children’s Sermon

Luke 2:1-14

What Christmas Means

By Dr. Carol J Miller

Bring a copy of Luke 2:14 for each child.

Christmas is so exciting that we just want to pop! But if we want to really understand Christmas, we have to think a little bit. So, everyone take a slow, deep breath (do so). Now, let that breath out very slowly and relax. Today in church we heard [will hear] the story of the day Jesus was born. We call that day Christmas.

Can someone tell me what the shepherds and the sheep saw that night when they were out in the fields? (Accept all answers). They saw a huge, huge bunch of angels all shining with light. They were singing–loud. How would you feel if you saw something like that? I think I might just be so surprised that I couldn’t say a thing! I’d just stand there with my mouth open!

But the angels were not the most important thing. They got the shepherds’ attention, but something more important than angels was happening. The important thing was what the angels said. What the angels said is the reason that Christmas is a happy time; a celebration.

Let me put into different words what the angels said. First they said that God is wonderful! Now that is a good thing to know. You never have to be afraid of God. God is not angry at you—God is never angry at children, by the way. God is wonderful. God’s love for you is greater than anything. That’s a good message to get!

The other thing the angels said was, God is coming to show everyone who wants to know, how to live in peace. Sometimes we call Jesus “the Prince of Peace” because Jesus helps us live peacefully. Can anyone tell me what peace is? [Accept all answers].

Jesus helps us forgive our friends when they mess up and hurt our feelings. That brings peace. Jesus shows us that we must accept all kinds of people of any color or any country and learn to be friends. Making friends brings peace. Jesus shows us how to help people when they are having a hard time. Jesus shows us many, many things. And when we live those things, when we watch Jesus and the way Jesus treats people, we are learning to live in peace.

Wow! That’s something everybody in the world needs to know.

So, go ahead and be excited about Christmas. And remember the shepherds and the angels. But most of all, remember what the angels said: God is wonderful, and Jesus helps us live in peace. And that is why Christmas is a happy time.

Here is a copy of what the angels said. Take it home and put it on the refrigerator or somewhere that you can see it often.

Copyright 2012, Richard Niell Donovan