Children’s Sermon

Luke 10:38-42

What Do You Hear?

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Luke 10:38-42
What Do You Hear?

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects needed: A bell or whistle. (Lesson may be presented without objects.).

Being able to hear is a wonderful thing.

Some things sound musical and pleasant like this bell. What are other things you like to hear? The wind blowing through trees? Waves on an ocean beach? Carousel music? Birds singing? Laughter? Can you think of others?

Some things, like this whistle, sound sharp and shrill and can warn us of danger. A fire alarm warns us when there is smoke in a building. When we hear a car approaching we know we need to be careful where we walk. A train whistle warns us that a train is approaching. Can you think of other warning sounds?

Being able to hear allows us to communicate with others. When we were babies we learned to talk by listening to others. But, sometimes we get so busy we forget to listen.

In the Bible there is a story of just such a thing. Jesus was visiting in the home of two friends. One friend, Martha welcomed him into their home, but was so busy with chores that she didn’t have time to visit with him. In fact, she complained about all the work she had to do.

Mary, the other friend of Jesus, sat at his feet and listened to what he was saying. Jesus used Mary’s willingness to listen as a lesson and said she had chosen the right thing to do.

There are times when we must do our chores and there are times when we must take time to listen. If we become too busy, we may miss hearing the beautiful songs of birds, rain on the roof or laughter.

Sometimes people have important things they need to tell us. It may be a wonderful story, it may be instruction, it may be a warning to keep us safe, or it may be that the person is asking for help. We can help ourselves and others by being very quiet and listening. Being a good listener can be a way of honoring others and of honoring God.

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