DELL SMITH KLEIN began ministering to children in a vacation Bible school. By the following summer she opened a little puppet training class where she taught puppeteering and script writing. Dell and her puppeteers traveled as “The Master’s Puppeteers,” to rural areas carrying the Gospel message to children and their parents. Since the 1970s, Dell has continued to teach and share Christ’s message throughout the West and Pacific Northwest.

Dell has written for Anchor, Christian Communicator, Pathways to God, Quiet Hour, Spirit-Led Writer, Today’s Christian Woman, www.sermonwriter.com and other print and online publications.She gives classes on devotion and journal writing for writers. Further, Dell, who is a Certified Minister with the Assemblies of God, speaks at women’s events, camp meetings and churches. She and her husband, Gil, help with children’s ministry at their home church, and enjoy volunteering with a faith-based sports camp. Since her days as a puppet script writer, Dell has enjoyed writing children’s sermons, object lessons, and stories for Sunday school take-home papers. More information can be found at her website: www.smithklein.net