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Father, We Adore You

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This is a simple song of three verses, no chorus.  The first verse offers adoration to the Father, the second verse to the Son, and the third verse to the Holy Spirit.  The first verse is:

Father, we adore You,

Lay our lives before You,

How we love you.

The second and third verses repeat that verse, but begin with Jesus and Spirit instead of Father.  Its simplicity is one reason for its popularity.  It is easy to learn and easy to sing.  No one needs a song book.  Also, the subdued musical accompaniment creates the right mood for a song of adoration.

Terrye Coelho Strom, who wrote this song, was born in 1952 at Camp Roberts, California, located just off U.S. Highway 101 in an area that some would describe as beautiful and most would describe as God-forsaken.  At the time that she was born there, Camp Roberts was being used for training U.S. Army soldiers for duty in the Korean War, so I assume that Terrye’s father was a soldier there—and might have served in Korea.  The California National Guard has used Camp Roberts as a training facility since 1971.

Terrye became a Christian in 1971 at age 19, and wrote this song the following year.  The words and tune came to her as she was driving her car.

Of course, there was more to her story.  She was a musician, and not long after she became a Christian she started singing with Maranatha!, the famous Christian musical group.  Her experience with that group surely helped to inspire the creation of this song.

Terrye was a member of the Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California at the time that she wrote this song, and it was at that chapel that it was first performed.  The Calvary Chapel network no doubt helped to popularize it.

To my knowledge, this is the only song that Terrye has written.

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