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Frances Ridley Havergal wrote the hymn, “Lord, Speak to Me.”  She also wrote other hymns, the best known being “Take My Life and Let It Be.”

The daughter of an Anglican clergyman who devoted himself to the improvement of church music, Frances was a gifted poet, pianist, and singer who followed in his footsteps.  Her passion was bringing people to Christ.  Her charming personality helped her to do that, and her musical gifts continue to nurture our faith even today.

Her original title for this hymn was “A Worker’s Prayer.”  When you read the words of the hymn, it becomes clear that she was speaking of a Christian worker—a worker for the Kingdom of God.

The hymn is a prayer that God will speak to us so that we might, in turn, speak for God.  It is a prayer that God will teach us so that we might be able to teach others.  It is a prayer that God will fill us until our hearts overflow with kind thoughts, glowing words, love, and praise.  It is a prayer that God will use us however he chooses until that day when we see him face to face.  Let us make this hymn our prayer.

— Copyright 2007, Richard Niell Donovan