• Job 19:23-25 Our Kinsman-Redeemer (Gerhardy)

    Job was a wealthy man. Everyone knew that God had poured on him blessing after blessing. Job was blessed with seven sons and three daughters; this was regarded as the perfect family, a sign of God’s pleasure. And then Job’s nightmare began.

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  • Job 38:1-7, 34-41 When God Hides, Remembering the Story (Butler)

    Job had been through a horrible time where he’d lost everything from his house to his self-respect. He owned nothing material anymore. His friends were no help at all. Worst of all. God seemed like he was hiding.

  • Job 38:1-11 Intelligent Design, Indeed (Molin)

    It is one thing to challenge those who teach, but quite another thing to disrespect their authority. If this is inappropriate in human terms, then how much more so when we shake our fist at the Creator God when our lives are in disarray?