• Joshua 3:7-17 A Bridge Over Troubled Waters (Wagner)

    The crossing of the Jordan is a story of trust. Joshua trusted God to hold back the waters. God trusted that Joshua would do as he was told. The people trusted Joshua, to lead them to the other side of the river.

  • Joshua 5:9-12 God’s Promises (Brettell)

    Most of us hold promises sacred. But many promises are broken. We all know that certain promises are suspect—promises made in campaign speeches are a perfect example of that. And that’s a real problem.

  • Joshua 24:1-3, 14-25 Choosing God When Times are Good! (Donovan)

    Joshua spoke to the Israelites in the hope that he could point them in the right direction. He could not help them forever, but he could at least set them on the right course before he died. He started by recounting all that God had done for them.

  • Joshua 24:14-24 Many Choices, One God (Wagner)

    Obsessive-compulsive people are worshiping false Gods. Joshua challenged the Israelites because of their loyalty to other gods. When we are obsessed with other things or endeavors we are committed to other gods instead of the God of our faith.