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John 2:13-22 Profanity–Not Just Words (Donovan)

Ted Schroeder writes, "Much of what passes for religion in our world has to do with obligation, guilt and rules. Sometimes people take offices in the church because they feel obligated. Sometimes people try to please God by "doing their duty." "Martin Luther struggled with the idea of religious obligation.

2021-02-15T15:40:47-08:00John, Sermons|

Mark 1:4-11 Returning Thankfully (Donovan)

Sermon Luke 17:11-19 Returning Thankfully Richard Niell Donovan We long for a prophet, don't we! When I say that we long for a prophet, I'm not talking about someone who can tell us what tomorrow's newspaper will say. It would be wonderful to know what tomorrow will bring—so we could get ready. It would [...]

2021-01-18T19:27:14-08:00Mark, Sermons|

Mark 1:4-11 Put Your Whole Self In (Donovan)

Sermon Mark 1:4-11 Put Your Whole Self In Richard Niell Donovan (NOTE TO THE PREACHER: You can have fun with this by doing the motions while reciting these lyrics. If the preacher has fun with it, the congregation will enjoy it too.) An old song goes like this. You put your RIGHT HAND in, You [...]

2021-01-18T18:25:50-08:00Mark, Sermons|
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