Children’s Sermon

Matthew 25:31-46

Are you a Sheep or a Goat?

By Dell Smith Klein

Our story from the Holy Bible is about Christ the King. First, though, let me tell you a little story about goats and sheep. Goats and sheep are similar, they are both woolly, they eat grass, they drink water. The goats and sheep in my made-up story lived side by side in a field where there were hungry animals who couldn’t find the patch of grass, and thirsty animals who didn’t know the path to the brook. The goats just ignored everyone else because they were busy eating grass and drinking and playing in the field. They didn’t have time to help others. But the sheep helped whenever they could. If they saw animals who were thirsty, they showed them the way to the brook. If someone was hungry, they would point the way to a very tasty patch of grass.

One day, they heard that the king would visit. Both the sheep and the goats were so excited. When the king started talking, though, the goats began to shudder. The king sent the goats away to another field––a rocky, dusty place. But the sheep got to stay for the party. The king explained that the goats were sent away because they never helped anyone, but the sheep helped the other animals in the field, so they got to stay and eat grass and drink cool water with the king.

While the story I just told you is a made-up story; like a fairy story, there is a story just like that in the Holy Bible. It is a story about Christ the King. That story takes place in a future time. In that story, Christ the King sends away some of the people who have been waiting to see him, and then he thanks the people in the room for giving him food and water and clothing. The people in the room are surprised, “When did we do that? When did we help you?” they ask. Christ the King says, “Because you helped others.” He is saying that when we help others, it is just like we have helped Jesus.

The story from the Holy Bible sounds a lot like our story of the sheep and goats, doesn’t it? The goats are sent away, but the sheep, who have helped those in need, stay with the king. I want to be like the sheep, don’t you? When Jesus was here on earth, he always taught his followers to love others, and help them. We’re to do that, too. So, when you see someone who is thirsty, hand them a bottle of water. If someone doesn’t have a lunch, you can share your lunch with them. It is all a part of loving Christ the King. When we love him, we want to be kind to others.

Can you think of ways that we can be kind to other people? (Allow children to respond.) We can offer them food and water, yes. We can give them directions.


Father God, we are so grateful for the Holy Bible that teaches us to love others and be kind to them. Give us generous hearts to know when someone needs our help. Amen.

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Copyright 2013, Richard Niell Donovan