Children’s Sermon

John 6:51-58

Living Bread

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John 6:51-58

Living Bread

by Dell Smith Klein

OBJECT: Communion Chalice and Bread


Why do we eat? (Allow children to answer.) Yes, we eat because we are hungry. Being hungry makes our stomach growl. Sometimes, when we’re hungry, our hands shake and we feel weak. A hungry person might say, “I want food and I want it now!”

We can’t keep going very long without food. Food is to human beings like gasoline is for cars. A car can’t run without fuel and people can’t run very far without food.

In today’s story from the Holy Bible, Jesus says, “I am the living bread which came down out of heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever” (v. 51a).

Bread is a very important to us. We like to make toast put butter and honey on it. We like sandwiches for lunch. What’s your favorite? Do you like sandwiches, biscuits or dinner rolls? (Allow the children to respond.) Jesus knew that people would understand how important bread is. But, Jesus wasn’t talking about physical hunger.

What he said had nothing to do with a growling stomach! Jesus was talking about a spiritual hunger––that sad, empty feeling we get that shows us we need something more for our heart and soul.

We gain a better understanding of the Living Bread as we read the Holy Bible, as we pray to God, and as we attend church. That’s because, it is in those times as we read, pray, and attend church that God fills us and takes away that spiritual hunger.

I have here a communion chalice and bread. (Show the chalice and bread) In another place in the Holy Bible, Jesus tells us to share in communion “in remembrance.” We take the bread and the cup as we remember that Jesus came to earth to teach us how to love God and how to love others.

When we take communion, we are reminded that Jesus is the Living Bread. He came to earth as a tiny baby, grew up, went to the cross, died and rose from the dead. He did all that because of his love for us.

I’m thankful for communion, for remembering, and that I know that Jesus is the Living Bread.


God, you are holy. We are so thankful for Jesus, the Living Bread, who came from heaven to show us your love for us and how to love others. Amen.

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