Children’s Sermon

John 15:9-17

Love One Another

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John 15:9-17

Love One Another

By Dell Smith Klein

Have you ever thought about noses? There are lots of noses in the world. Some are big, some little. Some noses are flat, others are pointy. Everyone has one, even you! And it is right in the middle of your face. There is a saying about noses: “It’s plain as the Nose on your face.” Isn’t that a silly saying? But sometimes we don’t think about something even when it is as plain as the nose on our face.

In our story from the Holy Bible today, Jesus is explaining his love to his friends. He says,“Even as the Father has loved me, I also have loved you” (vs. 9). That’s simple isn’t it? Let me say it one more time. Listen carefully, because I’m going to give you a chance to tell me what it said. Jesus said,“Even as the Father has loved me, I also have loved you.”

Who loved Jesus? (Allow children to respond.) Yes, God, the Heavenly Father, loved Jesus.

And who does Jesus love? (Allow children to answer.) Yes. He loves us! Jesus said, “Father loved me; I love you.”

It isn’t hard to understand that Jesus’ Father loved him. It’s harder sometimes to think that he loves us. But, he does. He said he loves us, and he showed his love by coming to earth and living on earth. He showed the people of earth how much God loved them and they told others and those people told still others.

Jesus wanted his friends to know that he loved them very much. Even when he was on the cross, Jesus showed his love for people when he asked his Father to forgive the ones who were hurting him. Asking God to forgive those people shows us how much he loved everyone.

But there was one more thing that Jesus wanted his friends to know. He said,“I command these things to you, that you love one another” (vs. 17). What does Jesus want us to do? (Allow children to answer.) That’s right; he wants us to love one another. Remember, it’s not hard. Jesus simply wants us to be kind to other people. That might mean not making fun of someone at school. It might be helping someone pick up the things that fell out of a backpack. It might mean not pushing in front of someone else in line. It might mean setting the table without being asked, or making sure your dirty clothes have been put into the hamper that evening.

Love one another. That’s what Jesus is asking us to do. We can do that can’t we?

Jesus loves us. Let’s thank him right now.


Jesus, we are so thankful that you love us. We are thankful for all that you give us and know that you provide for us. Help us to show your love to other people by being kind and friendly. Amen.

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