Children’s Sermon

Mark 6:1-13

The Missionary Trip

By Dell Smith Klein

OBJECTS: Stack a table with a lot of items, cell phone, clothing, several pair of shoes, soft ball and glove, books, puppets, boxes of crackers, bananas…or anything else children like.


The twins packed for their missionary trip to do puppet shows for a children’s orphanage. They thought of a lot of things they wanted to take with them. (Pick up items as you talk.) Kyle didn’t want to forget his electronic game and he thought his softball and glove might fit in the edge of his suitcase. Kelly tucked in her journal, two extra pair of shoes and couple of books to read if they had time. She thought she might squeeze in her softball glove, too. Both included food items that they definitely did not want to do without during their weekend trip.

Their parents took one look at all the items they had ready to go, plus the bedroll and food and suggested the twins might be taking many more things than they would need. Once again, the twins hear their parents tell a story from the Bible.

Jesus called twelve men to be his disciples and he began to send them out to share God’s love with others. That had to be exciting because the disciples could teach all about God, and people lives would be made better.

The disciples, like Kelly and Kyle, didn’t want to forget something important for their travels, but Jesus told them they wouldn’t need very much. He told them what to take and what not to take with them. He even told them what to wear.

The twins listened and began removing things their parents said they wouldn’t need on the trip. Kyle took his softball and glove and his electronic game back to his room. Kelly decided she could do without her journal for the week-end and that she really didn’t need the extra pairs of shoes either. Soon, the twins had only what they would need for the trip. When it came time to carry their back pack and bedroll to the car, they were glad they didn’t have too many heavy or useless items.

Jesus’ disciples must have felt like that, too. They were to share Jesus’ message with people who needed to hear it. They had a successful trip, too. The Holy Bible says the disciples preached and people and sick people were made well. God always knows what we need.


God, you know exactly what we need each day whether we are going to school, or church, or to visit friends. Help us to be thoughtful and not carry around things we don’t need.

Scripture quotations from the World English Bible

Copyright 2014, Richard Niell Donovan